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AW Collection


AV operates as a distributor for a selection of international fashion brands for women.

The agency strives to penetrate the Belgian market with fresh, refined and striking collections and operates through a very personal and sophisticated approach.

The company's goal is to introduce unknown brands to a group of carefully selected boutiques and help the brand and its collections succeed
in becoming a widely discussed topic.

Brand Porftolio


La vita è bella. Or did you expect anything else form a pure Italian brand? Crafted in Italy with Italian fabrics, Ottod'ame brings affordable luxury to the rest of the world. After Tokyo, London and New York, Silvia Mazzoli has enough magic up her sleeve to tickle everyone’s imagination.

Designer: Silvia Mazzoli

Designed to grant a service and to become a catalyst

for dynamic innovation to all those who still

believe that clothing and fashion are meant

to be art forms, mirroring one’s soul.

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